VIACONSEIL offers flexible and proactive services based on a client approach that targets six main areas of practice.


Organizational development

Do you want your employees to play a crucial role in reaching your organizational objectives? To increase the value and profitability of your organization? To improve your company’s performance and optimize human resources strategies?
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Training and Consulting

Do you want to improve your team’s HR management competencies? Do your managers need coaching to assist them in their team management? Would your human resources personnel benefit from the input of a seasoned consultant?
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Human Resources outsourcing is a reliable and cost-effective solution. It allows you to delegate specific tasks and functions to trained professionals so that you can focus on the operations related to your expertise.
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Recruitment and staffing support

Do you wish to optimize productivity and performance by ensuring you havecompetent, motivated and highly qualified personnel? Considering what it costs to hire an inadequate employee in a key position, you need to have the most effective selection tools and techniques at your disposal.
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Total compensation

Do you want to control your company’s payroll costs? Attract the best candidates and keep your top talent? Ensure that your business complies with pay equity legislation? When your wage structure is in line with your corporate strategy, your employees understand your values and expectations.
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Health, safety and well-being at work

You want to integrate health and safety prevention, and well-being in the workplace as part of your business orientations? As a true partner in achieving your risk incident control objectives and reducing CSST and insurance costs, VIACONSEIL offers varied expertise to meet your needs.
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Career coaching

Whether you are an employer who wants to help a former employee to find a new job, or an individual who would like to get support in his job search, VIACONSEIL consultants can help you.
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We offer solutions that are simple, concrete and effective in terms of cost, resources and time.