Recruit and select the best talent

You would like to…

  • have competent, motivated and highly qualified personnel?
  • make the right hiring decisions?
  • attract the best candidates?

According to the Quebec Statistical Institute, there will be a decrease of 250,000 perople of working age by 2031. In these times of labour and talent shortages, attracting and selecting the best employees has become a crucial challenge.


VIACONSEIL has a team of recruitment and selection experts who can assist you in all stages of the process. Our offer is flexible and we will work closely with you to meet your specific needs.

Examples of offered services:

  • Enhancement of attraction strategies
  • Research and approach of candidates (sourcing)
  • Traditional recruitment (posting, sorting of resumes, interviews, etc.)
  • Improvement of the candidate experience
  • Website career section revision
  • Support and training in recruitment and selection
  • Development of adapted tools (eg: interview outline, VIACOMPÉTENCESMC, etc.)
  • Tests (skills, personality)
  • Reference checks
  • Orientation programs


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