Transfer and business succession

You are an entrepreneur, a business owner and want to ensure its sustainability?

Your organization is in a transfer process and you would like to get support to find and develop talented people and thus ensure succession and transfer of your organization?

Here is an overview of our services:

  • Set the desired buyer profile
  • Creation of tools for prospecting and attracting candidates
  • Finding qualified candidates
  • Evaluate and select candidates
  • Prepare succession plan
    • Current profile of the selected candidate
    • Development plan of competencies to acquire
    • Performance assessment tools
    • Defining roles and responsibilities
    • Transition and leadership plan
  • Coaching and support
    • Conciliation between the two parties
      • Vision, mission, goals and values
      • Roles and responsibilities of each party
      • Duration of the transition and of the transfer
    • Development of management and leadership skills
    • Planning of business objectives
      • Establish short, medium and long term goals
      • Identify indicators of success for each objective
      • Determine the means and strategies to achieve the objectives
  • Communication
    • Interne; announcement to employees
    • External; announcement to customers and suppliers

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