VIACONSEIL is made up of human resources professionals with a broad range of experience. We’re all driven by the same objective: to offer you top quality services.

Our biggest strengths are a proven track record and expertise in the field. The approach we take is not only based on extensive experience in both corporate and private business environments, but on achieving concrete, realistic and feasible solutions. Our commitment to being flexible, active listeners begins, first and foremost, with a keen understanding of the issues at stake in order to provide you with simple, practical, sustainable strategies.

Respect and trust—fundamental components to all our relations—are on equal footing with innovation and excellence as our company’s core values.

A word from the Associate founder

Joëlle Vincent, Associée fondatrice

Joëlle Vincent, M.Sc. CRHA
Founder Associate

In the last fifteen years, I have put in place numerous human resources programs, processes and tools (job descriptions, company policy, employee manual, performance appraisal, onboarding, compensation structure, etc.). I have also made several organizational diagnoses leading to new structures, roles and responsibilities.

My experience as a manager helps me understand the difficulties involved in supervising a team. I can therefore offer advice adapted to my clients’ day to day reality. I am passionate about everything that stimulates employee engagement, and at he impact of this engagement on organizational performance. I am particularly interested in mobilization strategies for different categories of employees, and in practices that foster attraction and loyalty.

To contact me:

Phone : 514 497-7483
Email : joellevincent@viaconseil.ca
LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/joellevincent
Twitter : http://twitter.com/JoelleVincent29